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So its been a while since I posted any content. I do apologize for not coming thru the last couple months, between career moves, my own personal car build, as well as family time it has been getting hard to get away and shoot things I like. Well that changed last Night my buddy Markos *Snailperformancemarkos* invited me out to a NASA HPDE at Wild Horse Motorsports Park. Of course I jumped at the chance to hang out with my friends, also gave me opportunity to enjoy others shake down and just get seat time. Sally *Snailperformancesally* was out in full force with her WRX, she was dialed in all night running very consistent lap times. The track is very familiar to most of the drivers that participated, but trying to put down your best lap time at night added another element that many were not use to. Some had the confidence to rip through the gears and attack while others were a tad bit more reluctant to do that. None the less it was a great event, I had the chance to catch up with Phil *Philiprrobles* for a bit and check out the new changes he did to his EG. Check out a few candids I took last night. Enjoy


HPDE (1 of 12) HPDE (2 of 12) HPDE (3 of 12) HPDE (4 of 12) HPDE (5 of 12) HPDE (6 of 12) HPDE (7 of 12) HPDE (8 of 12) HPDE (9 of 12) HPDE (10 of 12) HPDE (11 of 12) HPDE (12 of 12)

The Queen Mary in Long Beach is the setting for the Weksfest LA 2013. With the Pacific ocean as a backdrop the scenery can’t get any better. Turnout for this years Wekfest was amazing, lots of beautiful rides showed. Wrong Fitment Crew members turned out in force! A few members of WFC even placed 1st in awards, congrats guys. Without any further a due Wekfest LA, enjoy!